About Us

We’re a platform dedicated to providing you with the kind of advice you need to enjoy every moment of your adventures. Our specialists focus on five main areas of information. These are:

  • Educative Content for Hikers
  • Advice on Using Crucial Hiking Tools
  • Important Safety & Survival Information
  • Product Reviews
  • In-depth Buying Guides

Our focus is to link you up with the latest, succinct, and unbiased information. Most importantly, we seek to present this information to you in a way that’s clear, inspiration and enjoyable to read.

Our primary goal is to always provide authentic advice. For that reason, our team of gear testers and mentors make sure that the information appearing on our site is always up to date.

We don’t take chances with quality. In fact, if you have already read some of our product reviews, you might notice that we always expose the pros and cons of each one of them.

Indeed, we don’t leave anything to chance. And that’s because we know that hiking, if done wrong, can be disastrous.

We’re here so you can experience nature at its finest. And we know pretty well that such an objective comes with a great responsibility. That’s why we always emphasize on safety in all our works.

Most importantly, the entire Hiking Rex team has an immense respect for Mother Nature. We have always believed in playing the role of being stewards of the natural world. That way, we can all enjoy hiking as we protect our precious, natural resources of generations to come.

Our Story

We have over a decade of experience in this niche. In particular, our expertise has grown in scope year-after-year. But even then, we believe that learning is a continuous process and that’s why we remain open-minded in our approach to everything.

So, if you ever need to send us feedback on how we can keep improving our resources, please let us know through our contact page.