The magnificent Florida hiking trails: Discover 10 hidden treasures

Florida is a Spanish word meaning land of flowers. The Gulf of Mexico is on one side of the State and the Atlantic on the other side. Also, the famous Walt Disney World is in Orlando of Florida.

In addition, the city of Miami renown for many things including the city’s nightlife and Latin-American culture is also in this state. The state of Florida has a long Coastline that is approximately 1,350 miles long. The climate varies from subtropical to tropical.

florida hiking trails

There is so much a hiker can do in the state of Florida including fishing, diving and viewing both land and marine wildlife. The state of Florida has many attractions including beach hikes, geologic areas, swamp walks, museums, historical walks among other places.

Also, you will find plenty of spots designated as family-friendly hikes, day-hikes, and dog-friendly hikes. 

10 Fantastic Florida hiking trails places to explore in Florida.

Everglades National Park

1. Everglades National Park

Even though Florida Everglades can be wet and swampy, however, there are great hiking spots to explore. As a matter of fact, most of the hiking is on boardwalks and make excellent day hikes for a family. The best time to hike in Southern Florida is in winter when the temperatures drop to around 70 at daytime. This is during the months of December to April.

The Everglades is endowed with pine flat woods, sawgrass marshes, and coastal mangroves. Quite some species inhabit this park including the Florida panther, leatherback turtle, manatee, the American crocodile, deer and many species of birds and other animals. 

Shark Valley Loop is a part of the Everglades National Park. Expect to see birds, turtles, and alligators in this hike but no sharks. The animals are not easy to spot, because they are hidden by the water and vegetation. Doing the entire trek can take you a whole day. Other trails to explore while on Shark Valley are Otter Hammock Trail and Bobcat Boardwalk.

Big Cypress National Preserve

2. Big Cypress National Preserve

Some of the best Florida Hiking Trails are in this Preserve. It is located about 72 kilometers west of Miami. The Preserve has many trails to offer every hiker an experience of a lifetime. Some of the trails have wildlife. Therefore, it is important to be on the lookout while hiking and exploring this preserve. You will also get to view diverse plantations in different habitats. What’s more, the trail has many spots for snacking and resting.

Disney Wilderness Preserve

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3. Disney Wilderness Preserve

This preserve is in Central Florida. The preserve is wet just like most of Central Florida. The preserve has many trails that can offer a hiker an exciting experience. Use the viewing platform to get the best views of birds. Check out for a trail called red-blazed Wilderness trail for better views of the Preserve. Also look out for Lake Russell a cypress-lined lake. Please note that there is always a breeze at the lakeshore. Have fun while hiking in this park. The preserve has awesome spots for picnic lunches.

New Smyrna Beach

4. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean. It has many hiking trails. Some of the trails include Eldora Hammock Trail, Castle Windy, and Canaveral National Seashore. Get an opportunity to enjoy the seashore and its unique vegetation.

Wekiwa Loop

5. Wekiwa Loop

Wekiwa has many hiking trails to explore. Visit the River Preserve at Lower Wekiwa. You can also hike the 8.8 miles lower loop. Other interesting trails are the Sabal Point Sanctuary. Get an opportunity to experience the Wekiwa Wet to Dry Trail and see how the habitat changes as you move from a wet to a dry trail.

Florida Trail, Little Big Econ State Forest

6. Florida Trail, Little Big Econ State Forest

This is a long walk through flatwoods. It is about 10 miles long. The walk starts off at the Lockwood Blvd where you can park your vehicle or bike. The Forest has a trail that traverses a diverse habitat ranging from swampy to dry. Most of the trails in the forest will lead to rivers, forests, a pretty waterfall, beaches and mountain trails. The trails are shaded by oaks, pines, and sweetgum. 

You get to view magnolias, blueberry bushes, wild coffee and cinnamon fern as you hike this State Forest. The trail has a challenging phase perfect for seasoned hikers. The place is ideal for doing an extended stay because it has campsites.

Seminole State Forest

7. Seminole State Forest

This trail is near Orlando. The trail is 7.8 miles long. The Forest boasts of swamp forests, hills, with an abundance of animals. It is a perfect hike for either a day hiker or for an overnight stay at one of the fantastic campsites.

A trail of this forest will give you an opportunity to explore Boggy Creek Lake, Blackwater Creek, and you can view bears and other creatures and a diversity of plants. Seminole State Forest is a habitat for more than 100 species of birds.

The Florida Trail

8. The Florida Trail

The Florida Trail is over 1,400 miles long, from Big Cypress National Reserve to Fort Pickens. It is among the eight National Scenic Trails in the USA. Ocala National Forest is part of the Florida Trail. Ocala National Forest offers a fantastic long hiking spot. The forest has many hiking trails.

Eglin Airforce Base

9. Eglin Airforce Base

While Eglin Airforce Base provides an excellent hiking trail. The place has awesome campsites equipped with benches. The campsites are located near water sources. The site has various attractions to view including pines and old oak trees.

Florida Caverns State

10. Florida Caverns State

Florida Caverns State is another great hiking spot. The Park has seven trails. The hiking trail in the park goes through a cave. There are other attractions apart from the cave including rocky landmarks, rivers, and steep cliffs.

Other Interesting places in Florida

Pine Log State Forest is a beautiful hiking spot in Florida with sandhills, wiregrass, pine plantations and hardwood forests. Other hiking trails in the state of Florida are Long Key State Park, Tate’s Hell State Forest, Lake Talquin State Forest, Little Talbot Island and Blackwater River State Forest.

As you plan to visit Florida, you will want to visit Miami and Orlando cities. You can plan to visit Walt Disney World, Florida Keys, and Clearwater. Another interesting place to visit in Florida is the Naval Aviation Museum, a historic place with the largest Naval Aviation museum in the world.


The state of Florida is a tourist destination with so much to do and view. Florida Hiking Trails are hundreds in number offering trekkers of all levels an excellent opportunity to experience the outdoors. In addition, it has historical places, museums and other interesting places ideal for a family tour. Enjoy your tour of these fantastic places.

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